The Sound Of Music

Rehearsals are well under way for our latest production of The Sound of Music. This will take place at the Grammar School from Wednesday 26th to Saturday 29th March 2014. Tickets are available from

Please support us! Pass the word on to your friends and family too!




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The Pajama Game March 14,15,16

Rehearsals for our up and coming musical are going very well and the cast and production team are starting to get those first butterflies when we realise we have less than 6 weeks to opening night! The musical is set in the 1950s and includes such well- known numbers as ‘Steam Heat’ and ‘Hernando’s Hideaway.’ It will be performed in Dunbar Grammar School, with a fabulous orchestra. Please keep visiting our website for further information on ticket availability and updates.


The show was a great success artistically- special commendations to David and Jo Legge for their portrayal of Sid and Babe.(where did they find the personal chemistry),, Liam Lannon (for being consistently funny ), Martine McCluskie (for revealing her considerable dancing and singing talents, Diane Kerr (for the amount of detail put into her character which made it the most complete of all those on stage), Murray Mackay (for his growing stage presence,), Peter Nevans (for adding gravitas, experience and stage know-how) and the chorus for their enthusiasm and not inconsiderable vocal talents. the band was excellent, ably led by maestro Douglas Kerr, staging was minimal butTeffective, lighting (by Malcolm Innes) masterful and stage work efficient and effective. Colour was added by the many and varied costumes at the expert hands and eyes of Lucy Pumphrey and Ali Sherman-Jones. It was great to have properly trained and very enthusisastic dancers who,  under the skilled tutorship of Julie Friar, added  movement and youthful glamour to the proceedings. The director, Gordon Roberts kept things moving while undertaking a minor role himself. The FOH was warm and welcoming and publicity wide and varied.


Shame not many people turned up.

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Anything Goes

March 15, 2012
7:30 pmto9:30 pm
March 16, 2012
7:30 pmto9:30 pm
March 17, 2012
7:30 pmto9:30 pm

Join the passengers and crew of the SS American as it sails on its wacky cruise full of fun and music!

Directed by Gordon Roberts, with musical direction by Douglas Kerr conducting a 7-piece band, the Dunbar Lyric Group presents this farcical romp full of gangsters, ministers, sailors, debutantes and Wall Street stock brokers.

This show is suitable for the whole family.

Starring Paul Milne as Billy, Karen Dietz at Reno, Margaret Thom as Hope, Liam Lannon as Sir Evelyn, Andrew Crawford as Eli Whitney and Diane Kerr as Mrs Harcourt, this production calls on veteran cast members as well as new comers to flesh out the principal and chorus roles.

The show will be performed at the Dunbar Grammar School on 15, 16 and 17 March 2012.

Tickets will be £10 full price, £5 concession, and once again offering a £25 family ticket (2 full price and 2 concession tickets), on sale at the Crunchy Carrot on Dunbar High Street, on the door, or from your friendly neighbourhood Dunbar Lyric Group member.

There will be refreshments and a raffle during the interval.

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Annual General Meeting

June 21, 2011
7:00 pmto9:00 pm

The Dunbar A.G.M. will be held on Tuesday 21 June at 7 pm in the Dunbar Day Centre.

The main business of the AGM is to elect committee members for the coming year, give a financial report, and a chairman’s report. Then comes the serious business of socialising!

Please come along and hear the news, vote for your committee and have a drink and a gossip afterwards!

More info can be found in the current Chairman’s Newsletter.

Hope to see you there!

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Chairman’s Newsletter

After the successful Quiz and Curry Night on the 21st of May, I thought I would send out a little personal round up of Lyric Group news to keep everyone in the loop.

Quiz and Curry Night

First a big thanks to Alison Shearman Jones and Ramsay Jones for a fantastically fun Quiz night, and the delicious curry meal that accompanied it. I can honestly say that a good time was had by all! We made a fair chunk of money, first intimation is around about £900, which swells our coffers considerably and allows us to put on better shows, simply put. And thanks again to the Crunchy Carrot for the donation of some great veg for the curry, and to David and Kathleen for their sterling work in the kitchen! Also to Jo for doing just about everything else on the night. And also to those who donated the great raffle prizes. And also to those serving up the food and clearing tables (sorry, I didn’t get a look at who was serving, but you know who you are!) And especially to those people who came along for the quiz and helped to tidy the hall afterwards – above and beyond the call of duty, that!

I worked on the bar along with Martine, and can vouch that plenty of money was spent there as well. Well done everyone for a great night!

(At least one person has commented that she hopes it becomes an annual event!)

Annual General Meeting

I’d like to invite everyone along to the AGM on the Tuesday the 21st of June, at the Dunbar Day Centre. That’s the building directly behind St Anne’s church on the high street for those who don’t know. There will be the usual AGM business followed by drinks so do come along and socialise!

I’d like to fill you all in on what goes on at a typical Dunbar Lyric Group AGM and explain a bit about the role of the committee.

The main business of our AGM is to elect the members of the Committee for the next year, plus make any announcements as regards shows, and any other business, such as membership fees.

Election of Committee Members

The Dunbar Lyric Group Committee is made up of 7 members: The chairman, the vice-chairman, the secretary, the treasurer, and 3 ordinary committee members (I mean non-office holders – no one is ordinary on our committee!). Each of those roles pretty much “does what it says on the tin”! But the Secretary is really in charge of all official communications, and not just taking minutes (in case you were wondering).

The committee members are elected for one year, and at every AGM the entire committee is up for election. Any member can stand for any place, office holder or not, on the committee, and any member is entitled to vote for the committee members of their choice.

For members to stand for election to the committee, they have to be nominated and seconded by another member. So if you want to run, do speak to someone and arrange for them to nominate you. This is accepted practice and completely normal. Also, if you have to be away someone can nominate and second you and you can be elected in absentia – if that is the case it is even more imperative to line up a nominator and seconder ahead of time and not leave it to chance!

I encourage everyone to consider election to the committee, whether you are a seasoned hand or brand new, we do not discriminate on the basis of length of membership. If you are enthusiastic about the group, we want you!


If you want to stand for committee and vote in the election, please do check that your membership is current. Also please note that no matter when you join the Lyric Group, everyone’s membership expires at the AGM. So current members can run for office and vote, but after the business of the election takes place everyone’s membership is finished and will have to be renewed for the next year. If you join at the AGM you have until November to pay your membership fee, so if you’ve forgotten your wallet or purse don’t worry!

Currently the membership fee is £10.

The Work of the Committee

The Committee typically chooses what shows we will be performing and appoints the major production roles, including director and producer, and in the case of a musical the musical director and rehearsal pianist. The cast members and other members of the crew are then recruited by the people holding the major roles. Sometimes there is a big overlap between the members of the committee and the members of the production team, but strictly speaking the official role of the committee is to choose the show and the crew, not to run the shows themselves.

Other things we do is to set budgets for shows, and deal with banking and other monetary matters such as buying kit for the group, arranging storage for costumes, sets and props, administer the membership, arranges insurance, and the 101 other things that let the group do what it loves to do – put on a show! (I may have left out some things – no doubt I will be put right about that!)

Upcoming Shows

We will be proceeding with Anything Goes for next year, and you may have received an email asking people who are interested in directing, musical direction, producing or being the rehearsal pianist to put their hands up. We are still soliciting interest in these roles, but time is running out so if you are interested and haven’t yet come forward, do so now or forever hold your peace!

A reading group has also been perusing possible plays for a September production, and we have come up with a shortlist and one very strong contender, so an announcement will be coming up about that very soon once the Committee has had a chance to make the final choice!

On the backs of two very successful fund-raising events – the Victorian Music Hall Extravaganza, and the Quiz and Curry Night – we are now in a strong position to do some very good work and have a lot of fun this year, so I hope everyone who has participated in the past will carry on enjoying “putting on a show” with the Dunbar Lyric Group this year!

Hope to see you at the AGM!

Paul Milne, Chairman

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Quiz and Curry Night

May 21, 2011
7:30 pmto10:00 pm

A Quiz and Curry night will be held on the 21st of May, 2011, at the Dunbar Parish Church Hall.

The quiz will be set by Ramsay Jones, and promises to be devilishly difficult – and fun!

A meal of curry is provided as part of the price of the ticket, and alcoholic and soft drinks will be available for a reasonable donation.

Tickets will be £10 at the usual outlets, and will go on sale very soon.


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Victorian Music Hall – Sold Out!

We have sold out the capacity of the Dunbar Parish Church Hall for the Victorian Music Hall Extravaganza!

The programme for the night will follow soon.

It’s going to be a great evening!


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Victorian Music Hall Extravaganza

April 1, 2011
7:30 pmto10:30 pm
An amazing fantabulous evening of not only delicious, delectable food procured from the 4 corners of the earth, but also stupendous death-defying feats of human endeavour to delight you and your loved ones. Make a suitably large note in your diary now- you really don’t want to miss this spectacular event!

Food, drink, music, melodrama, comedy and acrobatics!

Fortune telling, photographic souvenirs, games and riddles to confound and astound you!

Bring money for games and raffles, alcoholic beverages will be available for a small donation.

"Queen Victoria"

Our Patron

Venue: Dunbar Parish Church Hall, just off the High Street in Dunbar. (Google Map showing the church hall).

Tickets:  £10 adult, £5 child, £25 family (2 adults and up to 4 children). Available from the Crunchy Carrot, Steamy Dreamy, Dunbar Public Library, or from your friendly neighbourhood Lyric Group Member!

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