Narrower roads = safer for cyclists?

So, after many complaints from local people using the road from Dunbar to Broxburn since the new white lines were painted last week, East Lothian Council has had a change of heart.

The bike logos will be removed from the space in the gutter, and the new white lines will form the edge of the carriageway. This will result in a visibly (though not actually) narrower road, which it is hoped will slow down traffic. Crudely speaking, drivers might not be looking out for cyclists when they are traveling too fast for the conditions, but they will always be vaguely aware of the potential of encountering a motor vehicle traveling in the opposite direction, and may adjust their speed accordingly.

Without the bike logos, cyclists should feel entitled to take up the correct road position where they feel comfortable and can be seen.

I have asked East Lothian Council to carry out a speed survey in due course, so that we can see if there has in fact been a measurable drop in traffic speeds, and I’d encourage local cyclists to get in touch with Cllr Michael Veitch with any comments.

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