Traffic Count

In an attempt to monitor trends over time, annual traffic counts are made by local volunteers from Dunbar Cycling Group.

Usually each volunteer is allocated a 45-minute slot at each of 3 locations

  • Belhaven Road (at the pelican crossing);
  • Station Road (at the corner of Queen’s Road), and;
  • Kellie Road (at the corner of Middlemas Road).

There are gaps in the data, but the trends are similar across the locations. The most complete set of data is from Belhaven Road and is shown below. Trends are broadly static.

Graph of Traffic Count at Belhaven Raod

Traffic Count at Belhaven Road 2012-17


  • From 2012 to 2014 the counts were taken in May and November each year. From 2015 onwards the counts were made in April and October since there was concern that senior school pupils on exam leave in May would be missed from the count. Nevertheless, these counts are shown on the same graph, as the number of senior pupils is relatively small compared to the overall number of travellers in Dunbar.
  • From 2016 onwards a count was only made in April.
  • In the graph above, the dip in pedestrian numbers in Apr 2016 is due to them being missed off one of the counts