Cycle Campaigning

Campaigning for better conditions for all cyclists is a big reason for DCG to be active in the local community.

As members of the East Lothian Cycle Forum, we are working with East Lothian Council to develop better quality on-road and off-road facilities for cyclists. If you have issued you would like raised at the forum please contact

2020 We have been working with the Spaces for People Project. A ELC partnership with Sustrans project that aims to increase space for cyclist and pedestrians. Temporary measures that hopefully will be adopted when any doubters wee how good life can be.

We are on the Spott Dunbar Path steering group. Aiming to improve links with the surrounding villages.

Cycle Path Maintenance – We have carried out vegetation management on NCN 76.

Pump Track – There is a group dedicated to maintaining and upgrading the Lochend Woods Pump Track. contact Tom Corfield

Talk and Presentations