About Us

Dunbar Cycling Group’s primary aim is to encourage more people in Dunbar to take up or renew their interest in cycling. The club actively promotes cycling as a healthy, sociable pastime suitable for all age groups and abilities.

Membership of Dunbar Cycling Group is free, but we always appreciate donations to contribute to the cost of our membership of Cycling UK, to support our website and and other small costs. We suggest donations of £3 per year for individuals over 13 years old, or £5 per household, or £1 per ride. Email Morag Haddow to sign up.

The current management committee is:

  • Chair: Mark James
  • Treasurer/membership secretary: Morag Haddow
  • Campaigning: Mark James/Paul Milne
  • Rides/Promotion: Wendy Cuthbertson/Fay Stanton
  • Pump Track: Tom Corfield

We are always looking for new members of the committee, so if you fancy finding out a bit more about what we do, please email info@dunbarcycling.org.uk.