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Head over to the Sample Page for a few tips on using your new site.

10 Common mistakes:

  1. Going public/live without deleting the sample page, the Hello World page and associated comment. If you want to edit those pages rather than delete them, remember to rename them and to change the url aka the slug.
    Easily done!
  2. Forgetting to give each page or post a decent Title or none at all (how will people find or retrieve your story?).
    Search engines love good titles.
  3. Using your website as if it were facebook, which you can of course, but why bother?
    If you want some templates support twitter and facebook style postings, image only asides etc. Check the post page template options. But are you sure this is the best use of a website?
  4. Uploading blurry images, or images that are too large or too small, wrongly proportioned and therefore display badly. Get yourself a copy of some photo editing software and teach yourself to manipulate, resize and massage your pictures more like the pros.
    Anything 2000px wide should do.
  5. Making your site public when it is under construction still, i.e there are pages with no content or incomplete content, this is bad form. No one will believe you if you have a page under construction, worse they may think you are lazy or just a bit incompetent.
    Go live when you’ve got a ‘minimum viable website’ and make sure you keep it fresh.
  6. Using other people’s content without their permission.
    Don’t break copyright law or any other law for that matter, we don’t allow this. 
  7. Thinking your site looks too much like a blog when you are still using the default template settings, perhaps have not created any pages yet.
    Create some pages with interesting content and then reset your front page.
  8. Thinking your site doesn’t look nice, when you have no interesting content or images yet or haven’t bothered to change your theme/template or tweaked the theme settings.
    There are plenty of free add ons (don’t turn them all on though, as this increases your site’s payload), including stylesheet editors, gallery tools and blocks, patterns and much more.
  9. Thinking your free site has email based support.
    It doesn’t but you can post any sort of question here:
  10. Thinking that free means it costs us nothing to keep everything going.
    Wrong. We need cash to keep it up, so donate if you can: