Map Making Guides

Step Guides for Map Maker and Arc Gis Java are designed to help you get up to speed with each application, without burdening you with too much GIS theory in one go.

quicker-by-farWe will publish chapters in groups of 4-6 articles that can be tackled in fairly short sessions and at your own pace, over a period of hours or days to suit your learning pace.

Use the Main Menu to access each chapter and use the Side Menu or Navigation to browse the individual chapters.

When you navigate the chapters, the most recent article should appear first.  If you want to run through each lesson in order navigate using the Sidebar Menu or Navigation buttons.

Computer Hangs

Map Maker will handle fairly large data sets, but there are a instances when it has a tendency to hang.

Too many layers

If you are working with many layers, try clearing any layers you do not need.  Try also using the drop-in drop out functions, to show layers at the appropriate map scale.

When you try to load a big  .shp file the timer never stops, OS Master Map for example.

We have created a .dra of OS Master Map which seems to overcome the hanging problems.

To create a .dra from a .shp use the UTILITIES > VECTOR menus to import the file and save it as .dra