Simple database query

Create Database Column
Create Database Column

Now that we have a database, certain query options become available.  Before you can query the database, with the data tool, you need to check that the database is hit-able.  To check this option, go the layer submenu and you can click make hit-able, or do the same in the database subtab in the Project Manager.

Now when you click a polygon you’ll get a simple pop up of the underlying information as it relates to the selected feature.

Also in the project manager, note the Link Column.  In most cases it will be the first column or ID.

The On Hit tab has an option to make the database Read Only, including a variety of other useful options that will be explained later.

It is possible now to edit the database in Excel, remembering only that each row MUST correspond to an id in our polygon file.  However we can add further columns, remembering here that all we need to do is to add a descriptive title.

There is an option, within Map Maker itself, to add rows and columns, provide a column heading or title, set the default format, move columns to the left or the right and rows up and down.  Advanced options are available here too.

Query Database
Query Database

You can add data on a per record basis, but remember that the built in tools can give a number errors.  Adding columns can shunt data around unpredictably, so always it carefully or preferably stick to Excel.

Now when we use the query tool, you can see the new column Description is viewable.

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