Printing your map

Panel editing
Panel editing

Last time round we created a printable version of the map using Map Furniture.

An alternative exists.

  1. First we are going to change the map view window and set it to 1:25k (pan to get the road network in view)
  2. The road line style could do with changing colour, so change that first (in Project style set, change the Line style and colour)
  3. We mustn’t forget to a add a line item to the legend and re-save our legend as a wmf file (Preview & over-write the one created earlier)
  4. Now go the File menu and select Print, and click the Scaled print tab
  5. Chose the second or third panelled print option, then Edit side panel
  6. Now you can import your previously saved Legend, plus add images and text
  7. Click Preview, and if you happy Next to go to the final print screen
  8. Select a draft printer, ensure it is on, and print away

And here is what you should get …

Print landuse map
Print landuse map

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