Create a legend

Creating the legend
Creating the legend

You’ve created a set of styles and now you need a legend.

Map Maker automates some tasks, but not the creation of the Legend.  Each legend is created with presentation in mind, which means that you don’t have to show all the styles you’ve created.

The prccedure is the same as if you imported a style set (the Ancient woodlands example.)

  1. Go to the Project Manager and select Project Legend
  2. If it is not empty, then delete each item in turn.
  3. Now add 5 polygon items, one at a time
  4. They all look the same, but if you click on them you can set each one
  5. Do that for each legend item, ensuring they are in the right order
  6. Change the title in the Title tab and click Preview.
  7. Make any further changes to the Caption etc. and lastly (in Preview)
  8. Save the Legend to enhanced metafile

We are now ready to print a map.

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