Creating a legend

Exercise 1.9: Insert your Legend

There are 2 basic ways to display a key. As an overlay on your map, or in the margin of a printed map. The second is more involved and will be dealt with later. Here are the steps to adding an overlay:

Create Woodland Furniture
Create Woodland Furniture
  1. Right click to get the Context Menu and select Map Furniture
  2. Now click and drag a small box somewhere on the screen to hold your legend.
  3. The Map Furniture dialog box will show. Select Project Legend.
  4. Chose the Panel Style tab and select Opaque as the Transparency of background
  5. Chose a Border Style and click OK
  6. To edit your legend Right Click on it.
  7. To move it click and drag it. To adjust the size hover over the corner and click and drag when the stretch box icon shows.
  8. Now repeat the process to give your project a title.

It should look something like this:

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