Community and Police Partnership (CAPP) Priorities

DATE         Tuesday 19th January 2021
VENUE      Microsoft Teams (Online)
TIME          19:00 HOURS

Priority Actions to be Undertaken Person responsible
Anti Social Behaviour and Drug Misuse.


Fall Avenue, Yosemite Park and surrounding streets

Regular patrols to detect/deter criminality. Provide hi visibility reassurance to local residents. Community Policing/ELC Wardens
Anti Social Behaviour and Alcohol Misuse.


Lochend Woods and areas as covered by Dunbar Problem Solving Partnership

Patrols of “hotspot” areas on Friday and Saturday evenings when issues most prevalent.


Engage with local shops regarding sale of alcohol and make use of Social Media Messaging.

Community Policing/ELC Wardens


Enforcement and Education of 20mph speed limit in towns/villages within Ward Area Conduct Live Time Speed Checks and Deploy “Pop Up” Police officers.


Social Media Messaging to be utilised

Community Policing


Date and time of next meeting: 2nd March 2021 @ 7pm.  Microsoft Teams (Email invitation to follow at a later date)

Vehicles causing obstructions – January Priorities

DATE         Tuesday 28th January 2020

VENUE      Dunbar Police Station

TIME          19:30 HOURS

DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  7.30pm, Wednesday 19th February 2020

Priority Actions to be Undertaken Person responsible.
Jim and Jemima Site at as many locations as possible prior to the next CAPP Dunbar Community
Ashfield playpark Following reports of youths congregating in the playpark and remains of smashed bottles amongst the bark chippings preventative patrols to be conducted. Dunbar Community
Parking at junction of Silver, Colvin, Castle and Church Street junction Reports of numerous vehicles causing obstructions at this location.  Owners to be traced and vehicles moved. Dunbar Community

Update on last month’s priorities 

New housing developments:

Sites visited, site managers spoken to, advice given and new traffic control measures in place at East Linton.

East Linton traffic issues

Congestion at Bridge Street and Station Road area monitored, email regarding matter sent to ELC roads dept.

Bus speeding – December Panel Agreed Priorities


DATE: Monday  23rd September 2019

VENUE: Dunbar Police Station


DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  7.30pm, Wednesday 18th December

Priority Actions to be Undertaken Person responsible.
Youth visibility Contact schools, sports clubs, youth clubs etc and request they ensure there attendees are visible at night for road safety reasons. Dunbar Community Officers
West End of Brodie Road Continue to patrol area.  Contact ELC regarding poor location of speed reactive sign. Dunbar Community Officers

Dunbar Community Warden

Bus speeding Reports of buses not adhering to 20 mph limit.

Contact bus companies to remind them of the limit throughout Dunbar and East Linton.

Dunbar Community Officers


Last Month’s Priorities

Cut out cops.

Jim and Jemima located in Stenton and Innerwick on two occasions.

West End of Brodie Road

Foot and mobile patrols conducted in the area on a number of occasions at different times of day. Residents approached officers and appeared glad to see the attention being given to the area.

Innerwick vandalism

A number of complaints have been received regarding the behaviour of youths resident in Innerwick rather than Thurston Manor visitors. Some of the behaviour reported was dangerous so a short talk was done at Innerwick Primary School on Friday 1 st November by Community Officers. No reports of further issues since then

Tonight: Dunbar Community and Police Partnership

Come along tonight to find out or feedback on how 20mph is working near you.

7.30pm, Wednesday 12th September at Dunbar Police Station.


Gavin Ross

Dunbar and East Linton Community Officer
Lothian and Scottish Borders
Police Scotland / Poileas Alba.


Priority Actions to be Undertaken Person responsible.
Belhaven area Following complaint to MSP and attendance of numerous residents at CAPP continue to monitor speed and ASB in Belhaven area and after attending on three occasion’s complete report of findings regarding road safety and ASB. Dunbar Community Officers
Queens Road Further complaints of speeding on A1087 between Dunbar and Broxburn, previously 60mph limit, now 30 past Avant and Robertson homes and 40 through Broxburn Dunbar Community Officers
A1 junction by Eweford Contact ELC regarding potholes at junction requiring repair. Dunbar Community Officers


Belhaven area

Area given passing attention and speed gun deployed on a second occasion after the introduction of the 20mph limits; again no issues detected.


Queens Road

Competing priorities have meant we have been unable to complete this.


A1 junction by Eweford

ELC reminded of the issue


DATE Wednesday 14th October 2015

VENUE Dunbar Police Station


1. Welcome

2. Attendance Sheet

3. Update on last month’s priorities

4. Discuss current policing issues

5. Agree priorities for month

6. Date, Time and Venue of next meeting