DUNBAR CAPP – Note of Meeting on the 30th of November – Next Meeting 1st Feb 7:00

Scheduled News

1.    There were no Apologies and Cllr Hampshire gave update on the members who had responded to his emails about attendance. He also reported that some members just wanted a copy of the note of the meeting.

2.    Members agreed the meeting Note

3.    Police gave an update on the last months actions

4.    The Police gave the CAP an update on incidents that had happened in the Ward.

5.    Community Issues

(1)  Community members still had ongoing concerns regarding speeding around the ward. They identified priority areas as Belhaven High Street, Queens Road, Spott Road, Kellie Road and Drylaw Hill East Linton. A request was made for a socket for the Speed camera at start of Belhaven.

(2)  There was concerns raised regarding fly tipping at Recycling points at Asda and Zero Waste Car Parks. They are also concerned about construction material blowing of Construction sites.

(3)  The Community Members were concerned about incidents of ASB across the ward. They police were given information on several locations were people had reports of ASB. They Police agreed to make this a priority for their attention over the next two months.

(4)  There was Concerns about uncompleted construction work done to the path network around new developments and missing street lighting. Councillor Hampshire would contact the developers to try and get this work completed.

(6). The members agreed to only have two priorities for the next two months.

(1)  The police will try to concentrate on ASB across the Ward

(2)  The police will try and target speeding in the areas identified by members.


PriorityActions to be UndertakenPerson responsible
ASB from Young People during Xmas and New Year  Patrols of area identified for drug concerns with vehicles.Community Policing  
Speeding ConcernsConduct Live Time Speed Checks and Deploy “Pop Up” Police officers. Social Media Messaging to be utilised.Community Policing

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 1st February

Teams Meeting at 7pm


  1. Apologies
  2. Note of Meeting 30th November
  3. Update on Actions from 30th November
  4. Update on any Community Police Issues
  5. Any Community Issues
  6. Priority Actions for the Police for the next two months
  7. AOCB

The Date of the Next Meeting is Tuesday 29th March 2022

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