CAPP Panel Agenda Thursday 11th August 2016 & Update


DATE         Thursday 11th August 2016
VENUE      Dunbar Police Station
TIME             19:30 HOURS

  1. Welcome
  2. Attendance Sheet
  3. Update on last month’s priorities
  4. Discuss current policing issues
  5. Agree priorities for month
  6. Date, Time and Venue of next meeting


Priority Actions to be Undertaken Person responsible.
Youth ASB over the summer. Monitor groups of youths involved in ASB, ascertain where they are socialising, make sure they are safe, disrupt ASB.


Dunbar Community Policing Team.

Community Wardens

Speeding motorbikes Conduct road checks to prevent speeding on A198 by Tyninghame Dunbar Community Policing Team

Roads Policing


Anti social behaviour associated to vehicles parked at Shore Road car park. Patrol, link in with young persons present and deal with criminal or anti social issues. Dunbar Community Policing Team

Roads policing officers.

Update on priorities:

Youth ASB over the summer:

Far fewer youth related calls during the summer holidays than in the weeks prior to the holidays.  A number of calls to the harbour about youths jumping in, most youths jumping in at a safe location that is tolerated however a few have been reckless.  No calls to JMCP, no sign of any parties.

Speeding motorbikes

Area patrolled by roads policing colleagues.  No further repeat incidents reported of groups of speeding motorcyclists.

Anti social behaviour associated to vehicles parked at Shore Road car park.

Area given attention by officers on patrol.  No further complaints.

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Contact your local Community Policing Team to discuss non-urgent local crime or antisocial behaviour problems.