New mapping tools

New mapping tools

We’ve been using a number of mapping applications on ourlocality including mappress, mapbox, batchgeo, and mashupforge the output from which can be embedded relatively easily into a page, with a bit of trial and error. However in the past you had to have the right permissions and ask really nicely before we would let you loose on these applications.

We’ve decided to release a couple of applications that give you greater control.

Geo Mashup will allow you to access Google Maps and OpenStreetMap and embed maps on your posts or pages and will give you the ability to upload a kml file (which can contain simple of complex line work created e.g. on google maps) or a GPS track in gpx format (not tested recently).

See it in action here: Let’s improve Our Locality

We’ve also released OS OpenSpace Maps a plugin to insert and display basic ordnance survey map information. See the example below.

Both are a bit fiddly to get started with e.g. getting the zoom level right to go with the selected OS layers is important or you will get a frustrating blank page. All in all it should unlock all sorts of possibilities, so why not give them a go?

If you have a problem you are on your own however, but you can always try the support forum. To activate a plugin head over to the Plugins page and remember that some plugins may not play well together or conflict with your theme/template.

You may find the following converter handy.

To see this map cookies and javascript must be enabled. If you are still having trouble after having checked both of these please contact us using the link at the top of the page

Examples using mappress, batchgeo, mashupforge, and mapbox.

Mappress Example – Better Rural Buses

Batchgeo Example – CO2 emissions / savings

Mashupforge – Dunbar Traffic Regulation Order 2014

Mapbox – The Bakery Dunbar