Arrival of the Joracomposter JK 125

Trials have begun using the Joracomposter JK 125 to assess the effects of pre-composting food waste before being fed to the worms. The company claims that the unit will produce compost in “approximately 6-8 weeks time. The high temperature makes the Joracomposter especially suited to kitchen waste, both cooked and uncooked, including meat and fish scraps.” Of course, we don’t want to produce finished compost with it, we just want to use it to initially help break down the waste so that the worms can process it even faster.

The JK 125 is suitable for a family of 4-6 or 10-12 l/week. Distributed by Smartsoil Ltd and made in Sweden. (So, it does of course come flat packed!).

Assembly is pretty straight forward and it does feel well made and robust enough to do the job. The two chambers are insulated to retain heat produced by the natural process of decomposition which is the key to producing good compost in this way.

When material is added to the chamber, a quantity of sawdust is included to balance the carbon to nitrogen ratio aswell as soaking up any excess moisture. After the lid is securely closed, the whole unit is rotated a couple of times to mix everything up and to make sure there is plenty of air getting to all the material.

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