Wide community support for Fairtrade cause

Hi to all,

below is a list compiled over the past couple of years, by the Fairtrade group, with help from pupils and teachers from Dunbar Primary School as well as many others, who took questionnaires out into the community and gathered lots of information and views.

It shows how much community wide support and awareness there is for the Fairtrade cause.

Businesses, organisations, churches and schools that use, sell or provide one or more Fairtrade products, or are raising awareness of Fairtrade issues


If you would like to be added to this list, please drop a note to Dunbar Fairtrade Group c/o the BeGreen office.


Businesses and organisations


1650 café


Bayswell Park Hotel

BeGreen office

Bellfine shop

Bleachingfield Community Kitchen and Library

Café Central

Community Bakery

Co-op Friars Croft Branch

Co-op High Street Branches

Crunchy Carrot

Dunbar Leisure Pool

Dunbar News

East Lothian Council offices

Espresso Black café

Food Hamper

Found Gallery

Garden Path café

Graze café

Hallhill Healthy Living Centre

John Muir Birthplace

Knox’s Newsagents

Royal Macintosh Hotel

Saddler’s café

Splatz café and soft play

Sustaining Dunbar office

Umberto’s Italian restaurant

Tippecanoe Gallery

Townhouse Museum




Belhaven Parish Church

Dunbar Methodist Church

Dunbar Parish Church

St Anne’s Church




Dunbar Grammar School

Dunbar Primary School

East Linton Primary School

Innerwick Primary School

Stenton Primary School

West Barns School



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Civic week

Hello to all,

Civic week got off to a wonderful start, the weather was kind and there was a great gathering for the saturday parade and race and there are so many events throughout the week for all to enjoy.

Dunbar not only supports its own town and community but as a Fairtrade Town shows that it also supports those in developing countries to work towards a better life where their hard work is fairly matched with a wage they can survive on, and safer working conditions too.

So well done and thanks to all who organise, support and take part in all our local events and our global concerns, we are truly a Town that cares.



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Discover Dunbar Leaflet

The new leaflet promoting Dunbar to visitors near and far now has a Fairtrade symbol inside it.

This is great, and lets everyone know we are a Fairtrade Town.

The leaflet is published by the Dunbar Traders Association, which helps put information about Dunbar and its history, leisure, activities and amenities and generally encourages people into the Town.


The Dunbar Fairtrade group are proud to have the Fairtrade Town symbol displayed on the leaflet to show everyone that our Town has worked hard to achieve this status and help the plight of those in developing countries get a fairer deal for their products and hard work.

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Fairtrade Coffee Morning

DSC02707DSC02717DSC02728The Fairtrade coffee morning held on saturday 1st march was a great success. Attended by 90-100 people. Lots of lovely cakes, fresh coffee and tea, Fairtrade biscuits and juices were available for all.

The local choir Dunbar sings, entertained us with a couple of songs which livened up the occasion.


The children from the Dunbar primary had made the posters for the event and they graced the walls with their colourful and artistic efforts.


There were visits from Fiona O’Donnell MP and Iain Gray MSP and helpers from a local guides group.

The event was a great success and raised funds to help promote and support the Fairtrade  campaign through local events like the poster competition (the Fairtrade group donated the prizes) and coffee mornings etc.

A big, big thank you to everyone who came along, who helped in any way, who donated time, raffle prizes, goodies in all shapes and forms and helped before , during and after the event.

We couldn’t do it without all the support of the community.

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A Fair Assembly

Dunbar Primary school held a Fairtrade assembly, to mark Fairtrade Fortnight. A member of the Fairtrade Foundation visited the school and gave a talk to the school about Fairtrade issues.

There was also a presentation of prizes for the winners of the Fairtrade poster competition. The prizes were lovely Fairtrade chocolate Easter eggs, donated by the Dunbar Fairtrade group.



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Fairtrade Fortnight

Hello everyone,

Fairtrade Fortnight begins on Monday 24th Feb-9th March and the Dunbar Fairtrade group will be welcoming one and all to our coffee morning on sat 1st march at the Townhouse 10-12. So do come along for drinks,sweet nibbles, Fairtrade information and a generally sociable time!

There will be a wee stall with Fairtrade items to purchase and a raffle will be drawn during the morning also…

We will also get a song from Dunbar sings!


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Fairtrade Coffee Morning 1st March – Celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight

Dunbar Fairtrade Group coffee morning to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight

Dunbar Fairtrade Group will celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight with its ever-popular coffee morning, which will be held in the Dunbar Townhouse on Saturday 1 March from 10am to midday. Fairtrade hot drinks will be served, along with home-baking and other snacks. Everyone is welcome, and a small donation is requested to cover costs (£1.50 adults, 50p children).

Jo Gibson of Dunbar Fairtrade Group said: ‘This is always a happy and sociable occasion, and we welcome everyone to join us. Dunbar is a Fairtrade Town, and the Fairtrade cause is progressing well, with over 40 shops, schools, churches and other organisations selling, providing or using one or more Fairtrade products.

We also are pleased that Dunbar Primary School children will once again take part in a poster competition to advertise the coffee morning around the town. There is more information on our website, http://ourlocality.org/dunbarfairtrade.

The Dunbar Fairtrade Group is also supporting the Fairtrade Foundation’s new campaign to urge everyone to buy only Fairtrade bananas, and to petition the government to ensure a fair deal for all banana farmers and workers by ending unfair supermarket pricing practices.

The Fairtrade Foundation explains: ‘Cheap bananas are threatening farmers’ futures. Here in the UK the price of loose bananas in many supermarkets has almost halved, whilst the cost of production has doubled. That’s why this Fairtrade Fortnight 2014 we are launching a very special campaign that aims to transform the banana industry to ensure every banana farmer and worker earns enough to enjoy a decent standard of living, works in safe conditions and has proper rights and benefits. It’s a campaign to petition the government to make bananas fair and is the next part of our three-year initiative to Make Food Fair.’ More information is available on http://foncho.fairtrade.org.uk/

Hope to see you there!DSC02380DSC02393


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Fairtrade goody bags delivered!

Dunbar Primary school children and their teachers helped deliver Fairtrade goody bags full of information, leaflets, stickers and samples of tea, juice and sugar, to many shops, cafes, businesses and community places.

To help spread information about Fairtrade issues to as much of the community as possible.

We would like to wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year for 2014.

Image 8Image 12

Image 7Image 13

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Fairtrade christmas…

Dunbar Primary School, now awarded Fairtrade status, had a Fairtrade stall run by Barbara Richerby (member of the Dunbar Fairtrade group) during their Christmas concert evening.

Much fun was had by all and the evening and the stall were a great success.

Image 5

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Fairtrade Goody bags!

Hello to all,

next week a group of pupils from the Dunbar Primary school will be visiting some of Dunbars shops, cafes, businesses and community places, to deliver them a ‘goody’ bag of Fairtrade information and samples. The bags have been put together in conjunction with the Dunbar Fairtrade group to raise awareness of the Fairtrade Campaign as wide as possible in the community.

The bags contain, posters, leaflets, stickers, info on Fairtrade suppliers, a Dunbar Town Fairtrade sticker, samples of sugar, teabags, biscuits and juice. There is also a slip to fill in should the recipients wish to be on the Dunbar Fairtrade groups emailing list and be kept up to date with news and events.

Thanks to everybody involved in making this wee project possible.

All the bags ready for delivery!

All the bags ready for delivery!


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