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This is the first post from the Dunbar Allotments and Gardens Association. We’re grateful to Sustaining Dunbar for helping us to organise a website, and we’ll be using it to keep members and the wider community up to date with news on allotment and garden matters around Dunbar.

First, the latest on the Thistly Cross site. This is a private development organised by George Barton in association with the landowner, a local farmer. 43 plots were marked out  a month ago, and offered initially to those on East Lothian Council’s Dunbar area waiting list, before being offered more widely. I’m delighted to report that all 43 plots have now been let, and that most are now being actively cultivated. Planning permission is being sought, and pending this the allotments are let on an agricultural tenancy basis.

At the same time, other potential allotment sites within the Dunbar area are being investigated for Council allotments, as the Thistly Cross site does not suit everyone on the waiting list.

We are also looking at the possibility of establishing Community Gardens in two sites within Dunbar, and a number of ideas are being pursued. In planning these kinds of developments, it’s crucial that the local community is fully involved, and we are committed to making sure this happens.

We would welcome comments and ideas.

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